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Old Dog Movies

Old Dog Movies

Dogs are an essential part of any household and they are often featured in many different films.  A few of our favorite films are Benji the hunted, Cujo, and turner and hooch.  These are old classic films and are a must-see for anyone.

Benji the Hunted

Benji the dog disappears at sea during a storm. The hour’s pass and the hope of finding him alive diminishes. Only his master, Frank Inn, still hopes for a miracle … but Benji has indeed survived. He lands on a desert shore and begins to explore his new world.

In a clearing, he soon spots a female cougar. Suddenly, a gunshot sounds and strikes the cougar. Benji and flees into the forest.

There he discovers four hungry cougars and shivering babies and decides to rescue them.



kujoCujo, a very big but very nice St. Bernard, is bitten by a rabid bat. Being sick, he kills his master Jo Camber, who is a mechanic and also kills his neighbor. Not far away, the Trenton family also has problems: Tadd is afraid of the monster in her closet, while Vic Trenton discovers that his wife has a lover.

He is absent on business and leaves Donna to bring the car in for repairs. Donna goes there with her son and the car breaks down in the middle of the hotel courtyard when Cujo appears. The dog attacks the car and terrorizes its occupants.

It is important if a dog shows any sign of aggression to lock it up before it hurts anyone.  Since Cujo is such a big dog he would need an enclosure like the Diamond Deluxe aluminum dog box.

Turner and Hooch

Scott Turner policeman is a police officer. His professional and private life is strict and organized. One day he learns that Amos Reed, an old hermit, has been killed by a gang of drug traffickers. Turner decides to avenge his death and adopts Hooch, the dog of Amos.

Hooch was quick to disobey the officer’s orders and begins ransacking his apartment. Thank you without a fight begins between man and beast, and of course, Hooch will conquer this new master.