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How to teach my dog to bring back a frisbee?

How to teach my dog to bring back a frisbee?

Every time you learn something new about your dog, it is an opportunity to spend time with him, to play with him. It will take more or less time for him to understand what you expect of him, so be patient but firm.

Throwing a ball or a stick for the dog to bring is one of the most popular games. Here we should ask can dogs learn how to fetch a frisbee?

The answer is YES. You  could teach him the instructions in three steps

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At first, you must choose the object to report. If you throw a bone, your dog will certainly not want to come back to you. Take an object that pleases your dog, an object that he knows and with which he likes to have fun.

A ball, a frisbee or a simple stick may be appropriate. Do not take anything too big or too heavy that your dog will have trouble carrying in his mouth.


Once the object is selected, you must associate the report with an order.  It can be “report” or “go”.
Most often, when you throw the ball or toy, your pet will run after to get it. Perhaps he will come back by himself bringing back his toy.

In this case, praise him by the voice, by caresses or a treat and repeat this operation
If your dog does not return to you with the object, go to him and make his return to your starting point with the object in his mouth.

You can give him a sweet only if he returns the object. After a few tries, he will understand what you expect of him and should get caught up in the game.


Your dog brings you the ball but does not want to let it go; he has to learn how to give it.

Stretch your hand to his mouth and say “give” in a firm tone. If he keeps the toy, take it gently from his mouth. Once you have it in your hand, praise him.


Repetition, patience, and firmness are the basis of learning.
Some dogs quickly take to the game and only think of bringing you the object in order to throw it to him. Others do not get excited about this type of games.

There are dog breeds or types of dogs that do this instinctively while others have to learn the relationship.
The important thing is that you spend good times with your dog, that he knows the orders “reports” and “gives”.

Do not force it, be patient and do not hesitate to repeat it as many times as necessary.

Do rather short but frequent sessions than a very long one that is likely to tire your dog.