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Classic Old Movies

Classic Old Movies

Welcome to our site.  Here are a few of our favorite movies that have come out over the years.  In particular the best old ones.

Forrest Gump

Covers decades of American history, from the 1940s to the late twentieth century through the eyes and the strange odyssey of a simple and pure man, Forrest Gump.  A cant miss.

Schindler’s List

Over  years of war Oskar Schindler, an Austrian industrial worker returned to Krakow in 1939 with German troops. He would, throughout the war, protect the Jews by having them work in his factory.

Fight Club

The narrator, lives alone, works alone, sleeps alone, like many others only people who know a life of moral and sexual misery. That is why he becomes a member of Fight Club, a secret place headed by Tyler Durden, an anarchist guru and philosopher.

The Lion King

The long struggle of the young lion Simba to access his rank as king of beasts, after the treacherous Scar, his uncle killed his father and took his place at the throne.

American History X

Derek wants to avenge the death of his father, killed by a black drug dealers wife, and he has racist theories about a small group of far-right activists. These theories will lead him to commit a double murder.