How To Handle Excessive Barking Of Dogs

How To Handle Excessive Barking Of Dogs

Barking is a natural act of the dog and one of the most basic ways it has to communicate. In some cases, dogs can use the bark to communicate with other individuals in the house, to ask for something or simply to get our attention.

We must, therefore, respect the barking on the occasional and justified occasions, but when our dog does it in an excessive and abusive way we must put a limit on it. In this exercise, it will not be necessary to touch our dog at any time.

There are situations in which it is normal for a dog to bark, for example when someone knocks on the door or when a stranger is detected. But if you do it at all times, the bark goes on for a very long period or after you have identified the stranger or you have already given him the attention he asked you, you have to take certain measures.

Probably when you read this article you have already tried everything, but I am sure that if you follow these tips faithfully you will have many more possibilities to achieve your goal.

Here are some tips for you to learn how to handle it.

Try to identify why he barks:

Does he do so after having been alone at home for a long time? Do they bark excessively because they want food, drink, or just go for a walk? Does it bar visitors, people or objects? Does he bark because he’s so nervous?

It is important to know the reason why he does it in order to give an adequate response to his behavior.

If the reason for their barking is justified we must modify their behavior to do so in a more controlled manner.

For example, it is normal for a dog to bark when visitors arrive, but with 2 short barks, it will be more than enough. If the reason is not justified, we must simply correct his behavior so that he stops doing it.

Control the barking :

To correct this behavior you will need to be calm and relaxed, have a little patience and be constant. When the dog is barking and we want it to stop doing so, we must get in front of him (or in between, in case he barks at a person or object) and emit a loud sound: No! / Enough!

It must be dry and clear. We can also use whatever we have at home that can make a loud, dry sound. We must look at our dog fixedly in the eyes at all times and maintain a firm but relaxed and safe attitude, always looking for the dog to have his full attention on us.

Avoid barking again:

Dogs can sometimes be very persistent. In those moments we must also be it. You must wait for your dog to give up its behavior and adopt a submissive attitude before abandoning the exercise.

To rule out that your dog barks excessively for being nervous or restless, it is highly recommended that you exercise regularly and have an adequate diet.

One of the most common queries for animal behavior specialists or professional trainers is related to excessive barking, so if you have already applied some strategies without much success, it would not hurt to hire the service of one of these professionals.

Both your life and that of your neighbors will be much calmer.